The Ultimate Self-Care Guide for exhausted moms

A motivational book to encourage overwhelmed moms find time to be creative again in order to be her best self. 

Creative Momma book

Every mom with young kids needs to read this book and learn that this is not just a season to survive, but this is your time to grow and thrive.

Including over 35 simple DIY tutorials, moms are sure to walk away feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to tackle whatever life—or the toddler—throws at them. 

Discover How To Be The Best Mom You Can Be

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This is For You If...

You're a Mom.

Struggling, overwhelmed, loving life, exhausted, happy...if you're a momma with school-age kids or younger, this is for you!

You Feel Like You've Lost your identity.

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You Want a Tribe.

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You've Lost Your Time.

If you go to bed each night wondering where your time went...this book is for you with a whole chapter dedicated to finding and managing your time.

Creative Momma brilliantly illustrates the importance of self-care and empowered me to let go of the mom guilt and set aside more time to fuel myself through creative pursuits.

Ready to Enjoy Life Again? Now's Your Chance.

I’ve heard so many times that the chaos of motherhood is “just a phase” as if we’re supposed to be okay living in survival mode. 

Enough is enough.​

Twenty months ago I had my second little girl and life was tough. I love my girls with all my heart, but I felt like I was suffocating. My life felt worthless, and every day was the same. After a tough six months battling PPD, I finally realized I couldn’t do it on my own. I got on medication and began seeing a counselor regularly, but the true healing started to come as I got out of the fog and realized I had lost myself.

I was no longer Amanda, a recovering perfectionist, introvert, and creator who likes to feel accomplished.

I was a mom. From sunup to sundown I poured my everything into my girls and I lost myself. My baby didn’t sleep, my toddler was out of control, and I was exhausted to my core.

As I worked through the details of my life and how to move forward, I realized I needed to make myself a priority and do something fun every day. I committed to taking time each day to be creative in some way—and to say it helped would be an understatement.

I found joy again. I found laughter and abounding creativity. I cherished my girls. I loved my husband better.

Let’s stop just “surviving” and instead focus on THRIVING. As we explore in Creative Momma, self-care and creativity are a necessary and crucial part of being a momma.

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Creative Momma Will Help You...

  • Overcome the belief that there isn’t enough time in your day to make yourself a priority.
  • Learn practical ways to include self-care in your life.
  • Discover time-saving hacks to learn how to find where you time is going, tips to make more time in your day, and ways to save time.
  • Angle Double Right
    Recognize the importance of building your community and actual ways to make it happen.
  • Angle Double Right
    Let go of the mom guilt and set aside more time to fuel your soul.

What Others Say


As a new mom, I struggled to balance my new role as ‘Mom’ with the need to take care of myself. Creative Momma empowered me to let go of the mom guilt and set aside more time to fuel myself through creative pursuits.


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This is a self-empowering book for mom’s to reclaim their lives through creativity. As someone who almost buckled under postpartum anxiety, I applaud that Amanda is raising her voice to talk about how important it is to value mothers as individuals.


mom of 2


I felt like Amanda was talking right to me in this amazing book! I was reminded that it is MY job to take back my creativity and get back to who I really am. Exhausted mamas with shirts covered in spit up, you need to read this book!


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“Find your tribe. Love them hard.

What's Included?


The importance of creativity

How to Manage Your Time

over 35 Simple DIY projects + More!

Take a Peek Inside Creative Momma

AMANDA GARVIN is the creator behind do-it-yourself site, A Crafted Passion. She shares inspiration for busy moms to create, decorate, and celebrate. Wife to her best friend since middle school and momma to two little girls, Amanda is dedicated to her family, loves sipping coconut milk caramel lattes, and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

After suffering from severe postpartum depression after her second child, Amanda started on a journey of self-discovery and self-care to become the best version of herself. With her passion for creating and go-getter personality A Crafted Passion turned into a place to encourage moms to thrive through the early years of motherhood.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all the time? This book will help!

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